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Students in the Allenstown school district attend Allenstown Elementary (PreK-4) and Armand R. Dupont School (5-8) for their elementary education and Pembroke Academy for their high school education. The Allenstown School Board has five members elected for a three-year term. The chair is elected annually by the members. Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month. Meetings are held at Allenstown Elementary School. Scheduled meetings are subject to change without notice. One member of the board is elected annually to serve on the SAU Executive Board while all members belong to the full SAU board. The Executive Board traditionally meets once a month while the Full Board meets twice a year.

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Meet the Board

Our board members are happy to address your questions or concerns. Feel free to call any member at the phone numbers listed. If you wish to have an issue presented at a board meeting, please put your concern in writing and send it to the Superintendent’s attention at the SAU office. The inclusion of items suggested by citizens shall be at the discretion of the chair of the board and in compliance with policy BEDB.