Volunteers Acknowledgment of Student Privacy Rights



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law which protects the confidentiality of students and parents within the school setting.


Among the specific rights afforded to parents and students under the FERPA law are protection from unauthorized disclosure of educational records or information as well as protection from unauthorized oral communication which discloses any information obtained from a studentís education records or solely through oneís connection with the school.


As a volunteer, you may become privy to information about studentsí personal or educational information, either formally or informally.The law and school district policy strictly forbid unauthorized discussion and/or disclosure of any such information.



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I have reviewed the above statement regarding privacy rights under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and school policy.As a volunteer in the school I realize I may have access to student records or information.I agree to respect studentsí and parentsí right to privacy and their right of consent prior to the disclosure of information contained in the studentís education records.I will not disclose any student-related information in any manner without proper consent and school approval.




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APPROVED:††† December, 2002