Deerfield School Board

Deerfield Community School

Deerfield, New Hampshire

Thursday, June 7, 2007  


PRESENT:  John Harrington, Bonnie Beaubien, Kevin Barry, Kevin Webber, Don Gorman

Tom Haley, Gigi Klipa, , Peter Warburton, Kandy Davitt 


1.  Call To Order-Mr. Harrington   

The June 7, 2007 DCS Board meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Chairman John Harrington   


2. Pledge of Allegiance  

Mr. Harrington led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.   


3.  Minutes of Previous Meetings   

A motion was made by Kevin Barry  to accept the minutes of May 17th, 2007 seconded by Kevin Webber.



4.      Immediate Business  


A.  Agenda Review  


Mr. Webber asked to add to the agenda :  Wetlands discussion-(Pond next to school)

Mr. Harrington added it to Immediate Business 4F.


B.     Citizens’/ Staff Comments  

Maria White and other parents of high school students and upcoming high school students were present to discuss their concerns about High School transportation.  Ms. White stated that she met with a group of approximately 15 parents.  They did not meet to complain about the situation but to discuss options.

As a group they are very concerned about how difficult it was for parents to provide transportation to Concord and that there was 27 students on the waiting list.  Ms. White informed the board that as a group they were willing to work with the board on this issue.

Those present encouraged the board to include High School Transportation in the school budget and not as a warrant.

Mr. Harrington and the members of the board thanked those present for coming forward and stating their concerns.  He replied that the board has spent a lot of time discussing this issue.  Mr. Harrington informed those present that High school Transportation was placed as a separate warrant so that the budget did not become a referendum on transportation. 

Mr. Barry stated that the residents of the town in the past have asked that when large amounts of money are being asked for that it come forward as a separate warrant.

One suggestion that parents brought forward was that Dail provide an additional bus that would be smaller in size, providing room for the added students but not have a number of empty seats.

Everyone agreed to continue discussing this issue.


C.     World Languages Report-Ms Oliver


Ms. Oliver informed the board that she and Deb Boisvert were awarded a $5,000 grant.  With this grant money Ms. Oliver stated that MP3 players were purchased and were used by the students to record stories that they had written and illustrated (using Kid Pix). 

Ms. Oliver stated that next year 8th grade students can elect a full year of Spanish and German which will allow them to enter a Level II language class in high school.

Mr. Webber asked why Ms. Oliver would only be offering ½ year for French.  Ms. Oliver stated that it was related to Highly Qualified Teachers qualifications.

D. Special Education Report-Ms Worthen

Mrs. Worthen noted that 8 students have been transitioned to Concord.

The Spec. Ed. Staff have been working towards putting student information in  the “Easy IEP” format and it has been going well.

Mrs. Worthen stated that the year has been very busy but productive.

Currently Deerfield Community School will be looking for a Speech Pathologist. Mrs. Worthen informed the board that Speech Pathologists are in high demand and it will be difficult to find a replacement.


E.     Security System-Mr. Gorman, Mr. Fowler


Mr. Fowler shared with the board a price quote from  All Safe Lock in Manchester.

Kevin Webber asked who would be buzzing people in the building.  He stated that the board should discuss what their goals are and what they are hoping to accomplish by putting in a monitored/lock system.

It was noted that School personnel should know who is in the building at all times.  Mr. Webber stated that he would want the system to allow the school to function without creating a situation that interrupts the school day and doesn’t do want the board and administration expects.

The plan would include 1 color weatherproof dome style camera, 1 14” color monitor, 1 Alphone LE-D-LEM1DL intercom with door release button, and 1 HES 9600 Electirc door release

The complete set-up for modulars and the school would cost approx. $10,947. 

The security system was tabled till the next meeting.

Mr. Fowler informed the board that the pump house and the modulars were hit by lightening.  Mr. Fowler stated that the computers in the modulars were not working; the fire alarm panel and the well pump were also not working. 

Mr. Fowler brought forward his concern about the school’s two wells.  He stated that 1 well produces 18 to 20 thousand gallons a week and the 2nd well produces 3 thousand gallons a week.  Mr. Fowler suggested that the school hire a company to hydro- fracture the one well to see if it will produce more.  His concern was if the well that produces 18-20 thousand gallons a week fails for whatever reason the school couldn’t function with just the other well.  The cost of hydro fracturing is approximately $1,200.  The school uses approximately 5 thousand gallons a day.



F.      Wetlands Issue

Mr. Webber informed the board that he and Mr. Gorman had a discussion concerning the pond/wetlands located next to the school.  Mr. Webber asked Mr. Gorman to bring forward to the board the information that they had discussed.

Mr. Gorman requested that Mr. Webber chair the meeting during this discussion.

Mr. Gorman referred to the Pond/Wetland area as the “mosquito puddle” and that it served no purpose in its’ present form.  Mr. Gorman went on to say that wetlands are filled in every day and that if the board asked the state for a dredge and fill the state may allow the school to fill it in and use it for parking which at some point it could be used for an addition if needed Mr. Gorman added.  

A motion was made by Kevin Barry  for the Deerfield School District to   apply to the state wetlands board to fill in the wetland area next to the school building seconded by Bonnie Beaubien.



(Don Gorman Abstained)


5.  Old/Unfinished Business 


A. Budget Review-Mr. Harrington


Mr. Haley passed out to the board members the Deerfield Year End Projection as of 6/6/07.  Mr. Haley stated that the surplus was to date:  $166,842.

See Attach: A for details

Mr. Barry- stated that a 240 watt generator has been located for $8,000 which would satisfy any emergency needs for the town of Deerfield.  The board discussed who should go to Concord and look at the generator.  Mr. Gorman stated that Rick Pellitier the Building Inspector for the town Deerfield would be the best person suited to make sure the generator was adequate for emergency use.

A motion was made by Kevin Webber to ask Mr. Pellitier to inspect the generator for the school district, seconded by Kevin Barry.




B. Public Awareness Program-Mr. Webber


Kevin Webber asked if any members of the board had any changes to the Public Awareness Plan that was handed to them at the last meeting.   The members of the board supported the plan that Mr. Webber brought forward.

A motion was made by Kevin Barry  to adopt the Public Awareness Plan, seconded by Kevin Webber.




A motion was made by John Harrington  to pay a stipend of $500 a year for the public awareness position to be paid in two payments, seconded by Kevin Webber.





A motion was made by Kevin Barry to have Kevin Webber be appointed as the board liaison and to work with the designated person in adherence to the Public Awareness Plan, seconded by Bonnie Beaubien




Mr. Webber will contact Maryann Clark concerning the position.


D.    Policy Review-Mr. Barry


A letter was given to the board from Mr. Fowler concerning the Use of Facility Policy.  Mr. Fowler stated that the policy needs to be revisited due to the following concerns:

On several occasions the building has been used where the events have ended late and the building is not ready for Monday morning.  The mats that are put down need to be washed, dried, and folded.  The lobby floor is dirty, etc.

The board discussed if the policy was being implemented properly or if an extra person needed to be on staff during large events just to insure things are in order.   The board members will continue to review options and continue discussion.


Mr. Barry presented the following policies to the board:


v     Reporting Suspected Child Abuse – JLF-R

v     Retention of Students- IKEA

v     Retention of Students, Administrative Procedure-IKEA-R

v     Student Assignment – JG

v     Automated External Defibrillator – JLCEA

v     Discipline of Students with an Educational Disability-JICD-Appendix B

v     Homework Policy – IKB


The members of the board will review the above policies and they will be voted on at the next School Board Meeting.


E.      N.H.S.B.A. Resolutions- Mr. Beaubien


The board members reviewed the NHSBA articles.  Kevin Webber stated that he favored vouchers and would like to see the Deerfield Board discuss their options and vote  that the NHSBA’s  policy not to support vouchers be changed.


A motion was made by Kevin Webber that the Deerfield District Representative to the NHSBA bring forward a motion to the NHSBA meeting to defeat Article II and vote to support the voucher system, seconded by Don Gorman






F. Concord Contract-Mr. Webber, Ms. Beaubien


Mr. Webber stated that he would bring information forward at the end of the regular board meeting.

He stated that they discussed with Concord the sibling clause, History of the petition, and the lottery system.


6.       Other Business 


A. Nomination/Election of Staff-Mr. Haley, Board Members

Ms. Klipa informed the members of the board about the process which followed in the hiring of the PE Instructor.  Ms. Klipa stated that 30-35 resumes were received  and eleven candidates were interviewed by Mr. Yergeau and Ms. Klipa.  Five candidates were chosen to meet with an interview committee.

The nomination of Timothy Losee as a PE instructor for the Deerfield Community was brought to the Deerfield School Board.  Mr. Losee is a graduate of Springfield College. 

A motion was made by Kevin Barry to nominate Timothy Losee for the Physical Education position, seconded by Bonnie Beaubien.





7.  Other Business


A.  Informational Items-Administrators and Board Members

Ms. Klipa-reminded the board members that June 15th is 8th grade graduation and that all board members are invited.  She asked that they call Mrs. Mahoney so that she could reserve seating.

Ms. Klipa asked if the board would be interested in putting in the Bridge information about upcoming school board meetings.  She stated that she has heard from a number of community members that they can’t always tell what is going to be discussed by reading the posted agenda and are looking for more detailed information.

Ms. Klipa spoke to the board about the Athletic Director position.  Currently Mrs. McPherson is willing to continue in the position but Ms. Klipa wanted the board to realize that this position has moved from the PE teacher, to staff members, to a team coach.

Tom Haley-A letter was received by the board from Jack Wedemeyer owner and instructor of Jack’s Driving School..  Mr. Wedemeyer was asking if possible to come to a School Board meeting to discuss if the board would consider using his Driving School as a replacement for Mr. Miller who is retiring

Mr. Haley passed out to the Master Agreement to the board members.

Mr. Haley spoke with Chris Dail concerning the student population on the buses.  Ms. Dail stated that there is a yearly review to insure rider ship is at capacity.


Mr. Haley informed the members of the board that there is a family in Deerfield that is considering hosting a high school exchange student. Mr. Haley stated that if this family follows through the Deerfield District would be responsible for tuition.  Mr. Haley asked the Cultural Homestay Program and the family to write a letter concerning their request and as of today he has not heard anything.

Kevin Webber-Passed out to the members of the board literature concerning the charter school that he had visited.

Mr. Webber also passed out a sheet to be used as the board’s action list.  The purpose of this sheet is to assist the board in assigning specific tasks to members and setting a time line for it to be done. The recording secretary will write the action list and e-mail it to members.

Kevin Barry stated that the board still needed to write a letter to local realtors concerning high school placement.  Windhill, Eames, and realtors in Raymond should be notified.  Parade Properties are aware of the high school situation but the others are still telling prospective buyers that there is still high school choice.  It was also suggested that it be posted on the DCS Website.


John Harrington-

The board received a letter from Mrs. Ohrenberger who is a para professional at the Deerfield Community School. The Ohrenberger’s recently relocated to Northwood and Mrs. Ohrenberger was requesting that her children be allowed to attend Deerfield Community School for the 07-08 school year. 


A motion was made by Kevin Barry  to accept the request from Mrs. Ohrenberger according to the para contract  seconded by Kevin Webber.




A letter was written to the board from the Breen family requesting that their two children be allowed to finish out the school year.  The Breen’s recently moved to Derry as of May 26th and the last day for DCS is June 18th.

A motion was made by Kevin Webber  to accept the request from the Breen family, seconded by Bonnie Beaubien.



A letter was written to the board from Mrs. Nelson requesting that her two sons Nicolas and Timothy be allowed to attend DCS as to Article XV-E of the Master Agreement.

A motion was made by Kevin Webber  to accept the request from Mrs. Nelson, seconded by Bonnie Beaubien.




B. Agenda Preparation-Mr. Harrington

Literacy Task Force- Mr. Warburton


No Child Left Behind Resolution

6th Grade Curriculum Review

Review of Action List


C.  Citizens’/Staff Comments


It was suggested by a citizen in the room, that in researching installing a monitor system in the school to monitor people coming and going as a useful technique to deter problem situations, the board might consider a  technique that is now being  used by software engineers that is  called “ Use Cases.”  A use case spells out in detail different situations that can be thought of and then applied to the suggested solution.  It is then determined if the solution satisfies  each use case or not. 


At 9:15 P.M., a motion to enter non-public session under RSA 91-A:3II(c) to discuss a student specific matter was made by Kevin Barry, seconded by Bonnie Beaubien.  On a roll call, the board voted:


                                                            John Harrington          YES

                                                            Kevin Barry                YES

                                                            Bonnie Beaubien         YES

                                                            Donald Gorman          YES

                                                            Kevin Webber YES




Present:  John Harrington, Kevin Barry, Bonnie Beaubien, Donald Gorman, Kevin Webber, Gigi Klipa, Peter Warburton, Tom Haley.


The board discussed a student specific matter.


At 9:25 P.M. a motion to end the non-public session was made by Kevin Barry, seconded by Kevin Webber.  On a roll call, the board voted:


            John Harrington          YES

            Kevin Barry                YES

            Bonnie Beaubien         YES

            Donald Gorman          YES

            Kevin Webber             YES




            Chair John Harrington noted that no action had been taken in non-public session.


7. Adjournment


At 9:27  P.M. a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bonnie Beaubien, seconded by Kevin Barry.





The next Deerfield School Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 6 :30 P.M.