SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire  03275









The Special Education Director is responsible to the Superintendent for the planning and

administration of the special education services in SAU #53, which requires close work with principals, coordinators, school boards, and school staff in meeting the needs of children.  This position shall develop and maintain a system of special education services, capably staffed to provide high quality educational and supportive offerings.  The Special Education Director shall develop and implement all necessary procedures to achieve these objectives within the financial allotments of local, state and federal sources, and in financial allocations of local, state, and federal sources, in accordance with federal and New Hampshire statutes, and the policies of the school boards.


The Special Education Director is responsible for the recruitment, supervision and evaluation of the following personnel & programs:


  • School Psychologists
  • Diagnostic Consultants
  • Speech & Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Vision & Hearing Consultants
  • Support staff working with Special Education Students
  • TLC Preschool Program  (SAU)
  • Alternative Middle School (SAU)
  • ALT/SKILLS Program (Pembroke)
  • SAU Special Services Office Personnel





The Special Education Director works with administrators, staff and school boards in translating the special education needs of each district into a composite special education plan. The Director interprets the effect of the special education program on the financial structure of each district.  The job includes long-term special education planning, staffing and diagnostic requirements, and budget administration.  The Director is responsible for operating the Special Services division of the SAU.


The job includes responsibility for contacts with legal counsel on special education issues.  The position interprets the special education area of educational programs to the

public and to the internal educational staff.  The Director works with principals to

identify needs and assists the principals in the recruitment of special education personnel

for the schools.  The Director advises the Superintendent and school boards on policy

and administrative procedures as they relate to special education.  Should there be

disagreement on placement of an identified child among members of the pupil

placement team, the Director is responsible for mediation and preparing a

recommendation for the school board.




1.      Designs, maintains, and administers a state-required special services plan, and SAU #53 procedures manual for IEP students and others with special needs.


2.      Responsible for recommending out-of district placement of identified children for school board action.


3.      Evaluate SAU #53 special service personnel and assists principals in the evaluation of school district special service personnel on request of the Principal and/or Superintendent.


4.      Responsible for maintaining current job descriptions for SAU #53 special services personnel, and assists in the development of job descriptions for school district special education personnel when requested.


5.      Monitors and adjusts the assignment of itinerant special service personnel.


6.      Interviews and makes recommendations to the Superintendent with regard to

      candidates for SAU #53 special service positions; works with principals on

      recruitment of guidance counselors; advises principals on recruitment of                             school district special service personnel.


7.  Advises the special education evaluation/placement team or each school                             district in the performance of its duties.


8.      Provides leadership in the development of identified special needs      programs, and acts as consultant to boards, administrators, specialists, and teachers in matters pertaining to identified special needs students.


Additional Responsibilities:


  • Prepares SAU #53 Special Services Office and program budgets
  • Prepares Grants: 94:142; Preschool incentive
  • Prepares individual tuition and transportation for out-of-district placements or excess special education costs for local districts
  • Prepares diagnostic costs for local districts
  • Consults with the Business Administrator on budget issues
  • Attends numerous meetings and Pupil Placement Team meetings on different cases
  • Investigates out-of-district placements, both day and residential for special needs students when appropriate
  • Informs SAU #53 special education staff and administrators for any changes in State and Federal Standards as they impact policy and procedure
  • Recruits and supervises diagnostic staff


All other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.