SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire 03275






Primary Responsibility:  Answer all incoming calls in a professional and responsible

manner.  Direct calls to the person who is the best equipped to assist the caller with the appropriate response.   Greeting people at the door is also a very important function, as this is the first impression given by this office.


Office Supplies:  Responsible for the ordering, and storing of all office supplies in an efficient and organized manner.  Her/His function is keeping track of such supplies and alerting the Business Administrator when the supply of any printed forms is inadequate.  Any purchases need to be approved through the Business Administrator in the form of a Purchase Order. 


Purchase Orders:  PO’s are not only done for supplies, they are also done for advertising, flowers, or miscellaneous items requested by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.   


Workers’ Compensation Claims:  The various schools send all accident reports through to the receptionist.  In turn, he/she is responsible for the reporting of those claims online to the appropriate insurance company.  This website is updated by the receptionist.  Job listings come from the schools and the receptionist enters them into the proper website. 


Attendance:  SAU employee attendance is maintained and put into the accounting system via the receipt of time slips and/or “Record of Leave” forms.


Artwork:  All schools within the SAU have their designated time to supply this office with art work from their students.  The coordination and display of this art work is the responsibility of the receptionist.


Postage Machine:  All downloads are performed as needed.  Maintenance of the machine and all Purchase Orders for the machine are completed by the receptionist.









Mail:  The mail is distributed as quickly as possible.  Note that there are designated areas that require the mail as soon as it comes in, whether in-house or from the post office.  Example:  Time slips, etc., must be given to the appropriate party for approval, or directly to payroll as they are received.


Snow Codes:  Obtained from the radio/TV stations to give to the schools within our district.  Snow Codes will be handled with the maximum security available to us.  There are certain personnel who handle this in each building—distribution of these codes must remain confidential and filed where not easily accessible.


Substitutes:  Coordination of all substitutes.  Files, lists, and distribution of those lists are the receptionist’s responsibility.  Yearly “Notice of Reasonable Assurance” letters are sent to all substitutes, and if no response, they are considered terminated. 


Use of Facilities:  Paperwork comes from the districts and is then billed.  When payment is made the paperwork is pulled, and given to the Accounting Assistant.  When payment is NOT received, the Accounting Assistant is notified and a notice for failure to pay is sent.  Certificates of insurance are also needed by the user of the facility.


Other Duties:  Occasionally there are miscellaneous duties that must be accomplished according to a schedule, or when someone needs assistance with a large task.  This office works as a team and the receptionist will be asked from time to time to assist.