SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire 03275





Primary Responsibility: Processes payroll for 5 School Districts and the SAU Office, under the direction of the Business Administrator; insures payroll processing has the highest degree of accuracy possible.


The following is part of the payroll process:


Note: These deductions start after the beginning of the school year.


Employment Verifications & Wage Inquiries: Employment verifications (usually from lending institutions) will be addressed as they come in to us either through the Payroll Specialist or Human Resources. Wage inquiries (Social Security, etc) will be handled by payroll.


Sick Bank: Coordination between Human Resources and the District Representative.


Substitutes: Once hired, are placed in the chosen districts within the system, in coordination with the Receptionist.


Snow Days: and delayed openings are kept track of in coordination with Human Resources.









403B & Annuity Payments: Sets up as requested by administration and/or the employee.


Monthly Reporting/Payments:



Quarterly Reporting:



Yearly Duties: