SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire  03275







Primary Responsibility:   Under the direction of the Special Education Director this individual works independently with Court and Court Involved Students. This individual works with Principals, Coordinators and staff to resolve issues as they arise, relating to students, parents and the courts.  He/she sends written reports to the Special Education Coordinators and/or Principals relating to the results of court findings.  The incumbent serves as the LEA for all Deerfield High School students and assists coordinators as needed.


The Court Liaison attends all court hearings for children within the five school districts of our SAU including foster care and delinquency cases.  The Court Liaison compiles information from the individual schools and provides a written report to the court outlining academic performance, attendance, and discipline issues.  This report must be at the court five days prior to any hearing.  He/she provides letters to the court regarding special education evaluations as requested.   When the court renders a decision; the court liaison reports back to the school with the findings in written form.  The Liaison may also file motions/petitions to the court as needed.


LEA Representative:  Attends Pembroke Academy special education meetings for students from Allenstown as needed to approve special education programming.


Case Manager:  Oversee special education programming for Deerfield high school students; and students throughout the SAU who have been placed out of district by the courts; attend all special education and treatment team meetings; ensure that all aspects of their special education is properly documented and filed according to state and federal guidelines.