POSITION:               Assistant Superintendent of Schools


REPORTS TO:        Superintendent of Schools



Position Summary


The Assistant Superintendent of Schools provides assistance and support to the Superintendent, School Boards, personnel, students and citizens of SAU #53 in the development, implementation, and administration of the districts’ objectives.


Principal Activities


A.     Administration


1.      Oversee all standard central office services as liaison to specific districts.

2.      Prepare, coordinate and provide follow-up for regular and special school board meetings, public hearings, and annual meetings/deliberative sessions.

3.      Oversee budget preparation, review, presentation, and management activities.

4.      Assist in the collective bargaining process and management/labor matters.

5.      Assist in the review and revision of district and SAU-wide policies.

6.      Participate in the determination and assessment of long-range goals and objectives for the districts and SAU.


B.     Educational Leadership


1.      Coordinate and facilitate home education programs SAU-wide.

2.      Oversee the SAU #53 Professional Development Committee and the provision of effective staff development and in-service opportunities SAU-wide.

3.      Oversee compliance with various federal programs and statutes, including Chapters VI and IX, Section 504, Sexual Harassment complaints and English as a Second/Other Language (ESOL) Services.

4.      Facilitate and support the efforts of district administration and staff in the review, revision, and implementation of effective instructional programs as well as assessment and evaluation efforts.

5.      Facilitate and support the efforts of district administration and staff in establishing and nurturing effective partnerships and cooperative efforts among all segments of the school and general communities.

6.      Facilitate and support the efforts of district administration and staff to comply with state and federal standards and guidelines and to meet appropriate accreditation standards.

7.      Facilitate and support the efforts of district administration and staff in the development, submission, and administration of appropriate state or federal grant proposals.


C.     Personnel


1.      Assist in the determination of personnel needs.

2.      Assist in the selection of both certified and non-certified personnel.

3.      Facilitate and consult in the development of effective procedures and protocols for the supervision and evaluation of personnel.

4.      Assist and consult regarding student management matters and school-related concerns of parents and communities.

5.      Assist and consult regarding personnel matters and contract interpretation.

6.      Assist with oversight of the processes required to accommodate the recertification or alternative certification of professional personnel.


D.     Other


1.      Assist in the development of educational and construction specifications related to facility construction and/or renovation projects.

2.      Oversee facility construction, renovation or maintenance projects at the direction of the Superintendent.

3.      Coordinate communication efforts at the direction of the Superintendent.

4.      Assist in the procurement and interpretation of demographic information.

5.      Participate on committees and study groups as directed by the Superintendent.

6.      Represent the Superintendent and/or School Boards at public meetings, activities, and ceremonies.

7.      Assume full responsibility for SAU governance in the absence of the Superintendent.

8.      Perform other duties as directed by the Superintendent.