SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire03275




Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools


Primary Responsibility: To assist the Superintendent in the scheduling and preparation of work as it relates to all of the educational programs throughout SAU #53; oversees the SAU office and its functioning.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Oversees daily phone and email communication with all constituents
  • Assists in the preparation and distribution of all educational reports and studies
  • Maintains files dealing with all aspects of School Administrative Unit #53
  • Professional Staff:
    • Prepares individual teacher & administrative contracts for all districts
    • Maintains administrative & teacher staff development requirements
    • Creates Personnel Action Forms for new hires and terminations for professional employees
  • School Board:
    • Prepares and distributes School Board Packets in preparation for School Board meetings
    • Prepares and distributes School Board Policies
    • Maintains policy manuals for each school district within the SAU
  • Tuition:
    • Prepares tuition billing for Pembroke Academy
    • Processes tuition bills for out-of-district students
    • Oversees payment of Concord Vocational Program.


  • State Reporting:
  • Completes i.4.see State Reports on-line for all School Districts
      • BOY, EOY, F & R Lunch, Staff, Class & Course Submissions, SASIDís, Safety, ESOL, Teacher Attainment
  • Completes Tuition Reports
  • Completes General Fall Reports
  • Completes Certification Reports
  • Completes School Opening Reports


Other Duties:

  • Provides support and data during negotiations with professional staff
  • Prepares the salary roster (professional) for each district
  • Prepares adjusted tuition at the end of the school year
  • Prepares yearly teacher contracts
  • Prepares warrants for posting
  • Prepares and collects all materials for Town Reports for each district
  • Prepares School Calendars for Board approval
  • Compiles and prepares School District Town Report information
  • Creates Purchase Orders
  • Compiles information for NEA from Budgetsense
  • Uses Budgetsense to produce reports as requested by the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent


Other duties as determined by the Superintendent /Assistant Superintendent of Schools.