SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire 03275






Primary Responsibility:  To ensure that all encumbrances from all of our Districts (Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom and Pembroke) and the SAU Office be paid in a timely fashion.  Work with vendors to ensure all accounts are current and accurate.


Receiving Information:  Accounts Payable receives its information from the school districts and the SAU #53 office, in the form of invoices attached to purchase orders (which is approval from the business administrator) to encumber/expend those particular funds.  An authorization to pay is also required before the payment is made.


Posting Information:  Accounts Payable enters the payment information into our accounting system, then onto a Voucher within the system.  The checks are printed and remittances are attached to be mailed with the check.


Payment:  Accounts Payable puts the particular voucher into a bag with back-up and pertinent information for the Treasurer to sign and disburse.


Workshop & Course Reimbursement:  The Master Agreement from each District dictates how these reimbursements should be handled.   Accounts Payable manages these funds and reconciles it at the end of the year, with documentation as to who received funds and the balance due at the end of the year.  Accounts Payable also verifies fund availability and proper approval per master agreement.  This also requires follow up to ensure all documentation and proof of payment has been received.  Reimbursement checks are also processed by this office. 


Other Responsibilities:

  • Employee mileage reimbursement
  • Fingerprint reimbursement
  • Responsible for all vendor set-ups
  • 1099 processing, issuing & reporting to IRS