SAU #53

267 Pembroke Street

Pembroke, New Hampshire  03275






Primary Responsibility:  Assistant to the Business Administrator; assists in assuring that all aspects of the Business Office are running smoothly and efficiently. 


School District Treasurers:  Assists the District Treasurers with cash flows, to make sure any questions that may arise from them are answered appropriately.  Bank reconciliations are done through the system.  Revenues are recorded and passed on to the treasurer for deposit. 


Food Service:  Oversees all food service programs, food service participation, and Profit & Loss spreadsheets are recorded monthly.  Through Dept of Ed Website, monthly reimbursements are recorded and submitted.  Accuclaim inspections are done once yearly.  A yearly application is filed for both the Dept of Ed and Surplus Distribution for all schools.  Free and Reduced verifications are distributed to all the schools yearly, they are accomplished by the school districts, sent to this office, combined, and sent to the Dept of Ed. 


Covering Duties:  In the absence of other personnel, when necessary, this position assists to accomplish any tasks that need immediate attention; keeps the office running as smoothly as possible.


BudgetSense:  When new “users” SAU wide are established, set them up in the system, and make sure the right restrictions are in place for them.  Maintain the BudgetSense System with the many changes taking place within the SAU.


  • Put new budgets/account numbers in system
  • General/budget journal entries
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Account reconciliations


Auditor:  Assists the auditor with any and all materials needed for the yearly audit of our books; answering any questions he/she may have concerning procedures. 


Sunshine/Christmas Fund:  Manages this checking account.


Any other duties as assigned.